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I Just Got Water Baptized

What do we do "next" after making a big decision to follow Jesus, and what do we do after going public with that choice by being water baptized?

That's a great question, and one that many around the...

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Science Is Our Way of Admiring God

Since we have one more night of MESH Conference tonight, I wanted to share some highlights from Dr. Caroline Leaf's message last night at MESH in case you missed it and are planning to come tonight. ...

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North Tacoma Update #2

We have some exciting announcements to share with our church family in regards to our North Tacoma campus! As you hopefully saw, Pastor Kevin announced in November that we were moving this campus...

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A New Year; A Blank Slate

It’s 2014: a new year. A blank slate… the future is yours, the possibilities are endless. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Although you’re not here simply to occupy space, let’s be honest: we’ve all...

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The C-25 Project

Champions Foundation is running a 30 day C-25 Project: Change for Communities.

Champions Foundation exists to bring hope, faith compassion and education. We do this by generating resources and...
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Update on North Tacoma Campus

Hello Church Family!

I want to share some exciting updates with you about our North Tacoma campus. As you know, we launched an extension service in North Tacoma about ten months ago on Sunday...

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Holy Shift

The first week of our SHIFT series, we introduced a term for when God shows up in our lives and changes this on our behalf. I like to call it a Holy Shift.

  • A Holy Shift is for those who want to...
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You have more power than you think

This week I met Nik Wallenda from the famous Wallenda family of acrobats and high wire artists. In 1978, Nik’s great grandfather had died while attempting a high wire walk; he had fallen to his...

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I Have Decided

It’s Sunday night (or maybe the early hours of Monday morning), and I’m home… mind racing… heart buzzing… excited about what Jesus just did at Champions Centre this weekend. Everyone who was at one...

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Come Together in Place & Function

In a 2007 interview with 60 Minutes, New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady expressed both surprise and disappointment that his unquestioned fame and success had failed to bring him the...

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Look Up

We have been in a series in the month of July we called “UP”. I’ve had a lot of fun and personal encouragement on this topic and I want to share some of it with you. We began in Colossians 3:1-3...

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Finding Happiness

Happiness is possible where ever we are in life.

I was in my office the other day talking to a trio of the brightest young single people that I can imagine being in the same room together. They are...

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Chasing Opportunity

It’s common for people to feel they have to chase opportunity. They begin with thoughts like “When am I going to get my big break? When is my talent going to get recognized?” In and of itself, those...

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Being Favor Minded

If you are trouble- minded you will see trouble around every turn… If you are anger-minded you will see reasons to be angry…if you are poverty-minded you will see yourself poor. But if you are...

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Weekend Recap for Greater

One of the enemy’s greatest strategies is to get you to focus on what you don’t have, or what you used to have or what someone else has that you wish you had.

What you have is enough...

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Year of Favor

Pastor Kevin was back in action to kick off the new year with a message on the Year of the Lord’s Favor. Just like Jesus proclaimed the year of the Lord’s favor in Luke 4 by reading a...

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One Day

We all have our routines, our daily schedules, our normal. Often, it may seem like a blur of the same things day in and day out. These daily routines even begin to overlap each other; Wednesday is...

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Greater Weekend Recap

In fall we were studying "GREATER"

As the idea that God wants us to live with a sense of expectation, a hope for our future, a faith and confidence about our lives. He wants us TO DREAM BIG, START...

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Heart for the House Part 2

My story begins 30 years ago, when I was approximately one year old. In the fall of 1982, my parents arrived with me at our church—what is now known as Champions Centre. From that day on,...

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Honor Up, Down and All Around

Honor Up, Down and all Around

A few years ago in Washington D.C., a man quietly took his place up against a metro wall, pulled out his violin, placed his hat on the ground, and began to play. For this ...

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Have you ever had the wrong thing in mind?

Mind Monsters

Have you ever had the wrong thing in mind? Have you ever had one of those moments when i dawned on you, "I haven't been thinking right"?

It’s as if a light suddenly comes on, and...

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Heart for the House Part 1

Recently, my husband took our family to visit a dear friend of his grandfather’s. I looked forward to our visit knowing he had spent much of his life as a Pastor. As we...

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Someone's One Day Begins In The Parking Lot

The parking lot is really where our weekend worship experience begins. The message may be great and the worship may be amazing, but if a guest or someone has a bad experience or they feel less...

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