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Champion Life Groups

We have a vision to see every person at Champions Centre thriving personally, relationally, and spiritually through involvement in a small group.

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The way we see is determined by the lens we choose to look through. Develop a favor friendly perspective.

Start A Group

If you have two or three friends, neighbors, and coworkers to invite, a space you can meet with a DVD player, and a heart to see people grow personally, relationally, and spiritually, than you are exactly who we are looking for.

Grow My Group

Hosts are the core of Champion Life Groups, and we want to equip and support you to grow your group.

  • Champion Life Groups provides a list of approved curriculums that will help your group grow personally, relationally, and spiritually.
  • Talk-it-Out is a unique way for your group to take the weekend experience to a new level.

Talk it Out: Loving Jesus Better Part 1 Group Discussion Resource

How Can We Love Jesus Better?

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Equipping people to live successful Christian lives.

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